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Liquid Loans, values your privacy: Online the Lender collects your first and last name, valid email address, valid phone number, presiding city, and net monthly income. The Lender may request other information from your credit application in order to finalize or complete the lending processes.

Liquid Loans, when you are no longer a customer of Lender: Lender may continue to keep such nonpublic personal information. But Lender does not share this information with third parties. However, lender may share your information with its attorney, your employer, or with a debt collection agency when necessary to collect on the amounts of money you owe Lender. When required by law, Lender may share your nonpublic information.

Liquid Loans, is a protected business environment: Lender keeps business secured at all times and maintains other safeguards to prevent your nonpublic personal information from being disclosed.